What news I bring from The Road! I mean the transportation highway and not the thoroughly depressing work by Cormac McCarthy that I have not read because I fear my levels of cynicism for the future operate higher than most at the best of times.

Anyway. Thank you if you have been to see me at one of my millions of gigs with that lovely Robin Ince. Our tour is very nearly at an end for this year but there will be more dates hopefully in the new year, and I might even pop up on his lovely Christmas shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre.


BUT! It's not over!!! If you still want to see me in 2014 then I have FANTASTIC NEWS of a new, unplugged solo tour that I am doing with the excellent Tim O-T who some of you might remember from the big album launch show at Cargo last November. We are coming for you! We are coming for you up in Durham, down in Falmouth, and across from Cardiff to Norwich!!! Plus other places too!! I heartily encourage you to check the GIGS page to see where we are coming! I have never ever ever done a tour where I wasn't supporting before, so I'm tremendously nervous. It would be SO lovely if some people were able to come. That would make me and Tim so so happy. If you come to these shows maybe we might do some more shows in the future?! There is even a poster, which you've already seen above, unless you're reading this from the bottom up.

THANK YOU for coming to see me and the band in Leeds! We had a lovely time and a big thanks to the awkwardly over talented "support" acts, Jasmine Kennedy and Demitaves who you should all check out and buy the music of. They are AWESOME.

With Chrismas around the corner, if you're wondering what to get for the socialist who has everything (aside from a working democratic system and a viable leftwing alternative which Ed Miliband seems unwilling to provide!) then please do consider pre-ordering our LIVE ALBUM or LIVE DVD - or maybe even both! They will be released on December 1st so - pending any industrial action from elves and/or reindeer, they will be here in plenty of time for Christmas. 

Wishing you all a pleasant end of November and a good selection of Christmas trees coming up!


GP x



Live from London... Live CD and DVD pre-orders out today!

My friends!

How long it has been since last I wrote. The leaves are falling, the major parties have made thoroughly unconvincing conference speeches and I have been on tour with Robin Ince which has involved - so far! - TWO AA tow trucks, and the death of not one, but two cars! Yes, bid goodbye to the Fiesta of "Fiesta...forever!" fame, which we all came to know and love throughout the Josie Long tour two years ago. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but ultimately when the engine quits the tour halfway up the M5 it's time to call it a day. I shall mourn its passing.

GOOD NEWS for those of you wanting CDs of TELL ME A STORY which I have finally replenished the stock of! Also MARK MY WORDS! Check the shop page for that as well as other exciting new additions....

The autumn has been busy so far! Today I bring very exciting news! As some of you know, the Benefits Culture and I played a sold out show at the beautiful St Pancras Old Church in October. An enormous THANK YOU  to those people who filled the church for the most incredible, lovely night of our career to date. It makes me want to do it all over again - WHAT'S THAT? We recorded the whole night on CD and on DVD so that we can relive it for years to come until disc related media becomes obsolete? HOORAY!

YES good people, we are today announcing for sale the live album recorded at St Pancras Old Church - AND a DVD which includes a load of very fun bonus stuff, like extensive interview footage of me rabbiting on like the wordy bird I am (mixed animal metaphor high fives!) AND! A studio recording of a song you have never, ever, ever heard before. (Like, ever.) Me and Caitlin and Jess are heading down to London town on Sunday to perform the new track in the studio, ready for it to go straight on the DVD. It is called the Heartbreak Handbook and I hope you will like it. 

As usual, a pre-order is live as of today which you can do right now. The actual stuff is released on December 1st (in time for Santa to pick up a shipment off us) but some of you lot are so quick off the bloody mark it's proven worthwhile in the past to give you a bit of a head start. Santa doesn't deserve that on account of his male privilege.

On a slightly more serious note, I am really really excited about these things - it's been a dream to do a live album for many years and thanks to the enormous hard work of our favourite Reuben, its been able to happen in my favourite venue in the country too. I'm really, really proud of the sound and my thanks of course to the incredibly long suffering Jess and Caitlin who worked tirelessly to make the live stuff sound as beautiful as it does.

And what next? Well, it's on to LEEDS of course!!! We've sold a load of tickets but there's room for more cool cats still so if you're of a northern persuasion and you haven't seen the Benefits Culture live, November 14th is the day to be at Belgrave Music Hall. Check the gigs page for the ticket link and snap them up before they all go!

In the next two weeks I'm with that Robin Ince again on the road - catch me in Newcastle, Manchester, Goole, London - and supporting Dick Gaughan at my favourite Sheffield haunt, the Greystones.

I hope that the Autumn is finding you all well and that we can cross paths before year's end. As always, enormous thanks and love to all of you that come and listen and keep us in business. You rule.

Love GP x


In the summertime, when the weather is fine

Hey pals!

I hope that you are all enjoying your summers and the long hot days. I have been using mine to do a lot of driving! In a car with no air conditioning, and whose stereo cuts out if you turn the volume up past 13. And I like the volume past 13, friends.

Last weekend it was time for both Latitude and Music on the Marr festivals. And lucky for me I had gigs at BOTH! I wasn't entirely clear on how much distance lies between Cumbria and Suffolk (SPOILER ALERT: a lot) but I felt confident to the point of silliness that I would be able to play in one at 7.30pm and the other at 11am the next day. We made it though, and had a phenomenally great gig at the gorgeous, friendly Proper Folk festival Music on the Marr (the patron of which is my friend and Anti-Capitalist Roadshow comrade, the wonderful Roy Bailey), warming up the crowd for the always-magnificent O'Hooley and Tidow. The people were lovely and welcoming and there was a hog roast!

It was then off the stage and straight back into the car for the six and a half hour drive to Suffolk, a few hours' sleep and then time to open up the Comedy Stage at Latitude. "WHAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!" I hear you caterwaul! Yes pals! Comedy stage! For reasons I still cannot discern people continue to laugh at me without that being my intended response, so when I get offered a gig on a bloody freakin' massive comedy stage, my response was to quite figuratively JUMP at the chance. I was not sorry, even though moments before I went on I was quite metaphorically a BAG of nerves, because the folks at Latitude were really kind and lovely and laughed in all the right places unless I had my flies undone the whole way through and that's what it was. If so, I still have no regrets! 

The festival season for me is not over; I'm off to Greenbelt (HOORAY!) and Towersey Folk festival (WOOHOO!) on August bank holiday so do please say hello  if you're catching me there.

Announced TODAY is a very special headline show at one of my favourite venues ever. Those of you who are long-time fans will know I had the immense honour and thorough joy of supporting Emmy the Great on tour in 2010. One of the places we went was the BEAUTIFUL St Pancras Old Church, where I will be playing and recording a live DVD (in case any of you would like to look at my ugly mug) on OCTOBER 3rd. Tickets are now available on the gigs page, although it is a very intimate venue so I would suggest early birds/worms/gig tickets.

TOMORROW! You Londoners come and celebrate ULU's last hurrah with ME! Tickets and info at the gigs page.

I hope your July has brought you cheer and merriment, and the very best of Augusts to you all too!

Peace out x