Gig-mastime, mistletoe and wine

Before you say ANYTHING I appreciate that's not the best pun of my career. I wavered between that and "Now bring us some giggy pudding" but that sounded oddly unpleasant.

So! ICYMI, people have started using ICYMI instead of "in case you missed it". I know, it took me a while to get on board.

Also, ICYMI, The live album and live DVD are now OUT - yes! They're gay too! No, I of course mean they're for sale. We decided to release them just after Black Friday to prove we're not all corporate and consumerist like all the awful shops but THEY SURE WILL MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, AMIRIGHT??? They can be browsed and purchased just here.

ALSO ALSO! A huge amount of thanks are due to lovely folks who have come out to see me on one of my two tours I'm currently on. The first, with lovely Mr Robin Ince, concludes for GOOD, for EVER, with me in support at least, on Thursday in London at King's Place. I would recommend you getting tickets over on the gigs page because in 2015 he is hanging up his touring hat for a while and it is a tremendous show.

The second, with delightful TIM O-T has been progressing splendidly considering I'm the actual head-topper, show-finisher, ocean-liner or whatever you want to call it. It's the first tour I've ever not supported for, is what I mean, and I'm stunned so far people have attended. Thank you people of York and Durham! You lovely northern stars! Me and Tim even found time for a spot of sightseeing aboard a decidedly un-busy open top boat in York.

Yes my underwear here refers to Sonic the Hedgehog, which, judging from your responses on social media to this picture, you all care about a lot more than Titanic. Which Tim hasn't even seen. Hasn't SEEN. What planet is Kingston-upon-Thames on ANYWAY?!

PLEASE also get tickets for our remaining shows: Cardiff, Norwich, Falmouth, Kingston (very low) and finally Leicester on 11th. It makes it so much more worthwhile if there are audiences!

Finally but not by any means leastly, LONDON will be seeing rather a lot of me between now and Christmas. Tickets are already scarce for the Big Christmas Knees Up with Thee Faction and Eight Rounds Rapid at the Half Moon Putney on the 15th. It will be spectacular so I recommend you come! Both the bands are amazing and I will be doing some Christmas stuff that involves jumpers and covers I imagine. Pinch a ticket here.

THEN! On December 20th at Rich Mix London, I am headlining a very special evening put together by my friends at Philosophy Football to commemorate 100 years since the Christmas Football Truce in 1914. Here's what the organisers have to say:

"A Philosophy Football Christmas Night Out to Remember. An evening of comedy, ideas, live music and comedy inspired by this historic moment when football stopped a war.

Headlining set from Grace Petrie and her band The Benefits Culture. Folk legends Finlay Allison and Jimmy Ross play a specially commissioned set of 1914-8 songs of peace and resistance ' Its Never Over by Christmas'.  Comedy from Kate Smurthwaite and Simon Munnery. A night of ideas too with acclaimed US sportswriter Dave Zirin  who will be joined by David Goldblatt author of the football book of the year The Game of Our Lives, with football writers from Germany. Poetry and spoken word from Musa Okwonga plus dance-floor filling set from our house DJ Melstars Soundsystem."

Tickets for that are here.

I will also be appearing at almost all of Robin Ince's delightful Christmas extravaganzas, the exact nature of which will entail - who knows. Catch me at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 16th, 17th, 21st and at the Hammersmith Apollo (woohoo!) on 18th and 19th.

After that I suppose I might sit down.

Here's hoping to catch up with some of you before year's end. If not, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a better government in the new year.

All the love and peace!

GP x


Hi pals!

Happy December!!! Happy first of the month!!! Happy first of December and most of all HAPPY LAUNCH DAY! Yes, our live album Live At St Pancras, and the Live and In Conversation DVD are finally officially released today. Huzzah!

Thanks to all of you early birds who pre-ordered them. Your physical copies will be winging their way to you this week and the downloads should have been emailed to you already so you can already start listening to my live songs and pointless rambling as if you're really in the room!

Once again an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who came to the show and made the live records what they are. I'm really really proud of them, and we could not have done it without you, or if we had it would have been really weird.


If you want to buy one, check out the merch: HERE!





What news I bring from The Road! I mean the transportation highway and not the thoroughly depressing work by Cormac McCarthy that I have not read because I fear my levels of cynicism for the future operate higher than most at the best of times.

Anyway. Thank you if you have been to see me at one of my millions of gigs with that lovely Robin Ince. Our tour is very nearly at an end for this year but there will be more dates hopefully in the new year, and I might even pop up on his lovely Christmas shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre.


BUT! It's not over!!! If you still want to see me in 2014 then I have FANTASTIC NEWS of a new, unplugged solo tour that I am doing with the excellent Tim O-T who some of you might remember from the big album launch show at Cargo last November. We are coming for you! We are coming for you up in Durham, down in Falmouth, and across from Cardiff to Norwich!!! Plus other places too!! I heartily encourage you to check the GIGS page to see where we are coming! I have never ever ever done a tour where I wasn't supporting before, so I'm tremendously nervous. It would be SO lovely if some people were able to come. That would make me and Tim so so happy. If you come to these shows maybe we might do some more shows in the future?! There is even a poster, which you've already seen above, unless you're reading this from the bottom up.

THANK YOU for coming to see me and the band in Leeds! We had a lovely time and a big thanks to the awkwardly over talented "support" acts, Jasmine Kennedy and Demitaves who you should all check out and buy the music of. They are AWESOME.

With Chrismas around the corner, if you're wondering what to get for the socialist who has everything (aside from a working democratic system and a viable leftwing alternative which Ed Miliband seems unwilling to provide!) then please do consider pre-ordering our LIVE ALBUM or LIVE DVD - or maybe even both! They will be released on December 1st so - pending any industrial action from elves and/or reindeer, they will be here in plenty of time for Christmas. 

Wishing you all a pleasant end of November and a good selection of Christmas trees coming up!


GP x