"Topshop" on BBC's The Beat

Hey folks!

Just a quick one to let you all know, if you missed me on BBC East Midlands radio, you can hear The Topshop Song on Dean Jackson’s The Beat programme here for the next few days:


I’ll also be doing a live session for Dean very soon and will keep you updated as to when that will be aired.

For those who bought tickets to the snowed-off January 20th gig at The Musician, Leicester…the gig has now been rescheduled for 17th March. Expect extra Irish folk and a Guinness-enhanced (?) performance. Originally bought tickets will be re-issued by We Got Tickets, and if you bought yours directly from the The Musician they will be accepted at the door.

 Also please check out the Gigs page for updates of upcoming shows in Oxford, Leek, London, Leicester, Leeds and Sheffield as well as a couple of confirmed festival slots. For more updates on gigs and the mundane goings-on of my every day life, feel free to follow me on Twitter too - @gracepetrie.