The Now Show - Podcast available

Hello folks!

Well I’m still entirely overwhelmed by the reaction to my appearance on The Now Show last Friday on BBC Radio 4. Many of you have gotten in touch to say you enjoyed the song and I really appreciate you doing so, it was a big step into the unknown for me doing a live comedy thing and I was sick with nerves by the time the show aired so thanks again for your support and lovely comments.

Quite a few people have asked where they can get hold of the song - right now the only recording that exists of it is the one I did at the BBC last week, but that is fortunately available as the Friday Night Comedy Podcast which the BBC let you download absolutely free from here. Be quick though, they’re updated weekly so will be replaced with the new one in 4 days’ time.

For anyone especially keen, there is extra bonus footage of me performing Farewell to Welfare for the Now Show audience to be viewedhere.

The new song, which I’m calling We’re All In It Together, Us and Dave, will eventually make its way onto the forthcoming album, which will be, er, coming forth at some indistinct point in the future, all I can say at this point is it’s looking likely it will emerge in the summer. 

In the mean time please do check out other songs of varying degrees of political and non-political despair from the Music page, and if you are significantly moved to support a struggling artist, you can even buy them from there too.

Finally, as I announced on Twitter last week, if you bought one of the 100 wax-sealed copies of You Were Always Gonna Break My Heart, Honey, but don’t want to break the seal then do please email: for a free download code to get the MP3s. I will be sending those out tonight. 

As always, thanks for the support and hope to catch some of you at my gigs in April in Newbury, Oxford, Leek and Leicester. Here’s hoping for the sun.


GP x