Dear all!

As I write this I am in the midst of a wonderfully exciting adventure known as the Alternative Reality Tour!

The awesome Josie Long invited me to jump into her rented minibus and join in a national mission to engage young people in politics. We will be driving North and South, East and West of the country to set up shop and perform FREE, outdoor gigs to local people of Britain’s forgotten towns. Check their website to see where we’ll be heading to near you! Or follow @josielong or me on Twitter for regular updates.

First stop on Monday was Margate, where the locals found us a beautiful venue and provided a lovely audience. Last night we washed up on the beach on the Isle of Sheppey, and, incredibly, were treated to a massive and fantastic audience (mostly) made up of under-16s (above).

I reckon that with some of the ever-more ridiculous and terrifying ideas coming out of the Conservative party conference, this tour could not come at a more important time.

We will also be rolling down to London on Sunday in time to BLOCK THE BRIDGE with UKuncut - if access to free healthcare is important to YOU and YOUR family then I would urge you and anyone close to you to contact UKuncut to find out about local coaches going to London for the demo. We are DAYS away from losing our NHS to “reforms” from which it will never recover.

Join me, Josie, Mark Thomas and a host of others to show the people in power in this country that we will NOT allow our healthcare to be taken from us.

Follow us! Join us! Save the country!

GP x