New songs, New band, & BBC's The Now Show

Hello folks! Well despite a heavy flurry of snow this morning Easter is around the corner and Spring has - well, not sprung, but showed signs of maybe thinking about springing at some point soon. I imagine we can rely on it arriving faster than the economic recovery, by the look of today’s budget it’s not much of a contest. Over the last couple of months I’ve been busy writing new songs, playing with a new band, and recording some new stuff for you all to have a taste of what can be expected from the next album.

St. Patrick’s Day at The Musician, Leicester

A massive, massive thank you to everyone who came along to Sunday’s big single-launch gig at The Musician. I was playing for the first time with my esteemed comrades Caitlin Field and Jess Greengrass, or as we shall from now on be called: Grace Petrie and the Benefits Culture. (I voted for “…and the Great Outdoors”, but was thoroughly overruled.)

As well as some old favourites we unveiled some brand new material that we’ve been working on during these long months of hibernation. A limited edition of 2-track CDs in specially handmade packages were on saled on the night and (along with a cheeky leftover sale last night) they have all been snapped up. You can download the two new tracks, “You Were Always Gonna Break My Heart, Honey” and “Your Favourite Joke” from the Music page here.

If you’re a fan of hard copies but missed out on a CD, please don’t despair! We’re already working on getting a larger edition of a brand new EP made which should be released within the next couple of months.

BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show

I am fairly terrified to announce that tomorrow I will be recording a new song on Radio 4’s The Now Show, which you can hear on Radio 4 on Friday night at 6.30pm. This is my first time writing a song for the BBC so I hope you all have a listen and like it! :)


In addition to recording I’ll also be playing shows in April in Newbury, Oxford, Leek and Leicester.. for tickets check the gigs page here. I’m also thrilled to be joining the line-up for Attila the Stockbroker’s brilliant Glastonwick festival, where you can catch me on June 1st.

Thanks, as always for all your support over the past couple of months. I’m in the process of arranging more gigs so will be updating them very soon. Before I go here’s a snapshot of me doing a Guinness-inspired, and somewhat ill-advised turn on the fiddle. Top o’ the morning!


GP x