Mark My Words returns to the shelves - and the ever-popular ‘Double Pack’ offer returns

Howdy folks! As many of you know, my new CD Mark My Words sold out within a couple of days of its release in December. I am happy to finally report that I have some new copies to sell, which are available NOW from the Shop page

Following the huge success of my old double-pack CD offer, I’m also pleased to be able to offer both my full albums, Tell Me A Story and Mark My Words, for one price of £15.00. This too can be found over in the shop.

In other news…

Look out for me and Josie Long popping up somewhere near you in the next few weeks as we embark on ARTour II - this time it’s personal. I believe that, today of all days, this kind of grass roots level political art is more important now than ever, as the Coalition government has crossed the line that we all thought would somehow remain safe forever. Yes, the NHS bill has passed, but as so many inspirational speakers at a meeting I attended in Leicester on Saturday said, the most important thing that we can and must do now is stay strong in our resolve. The reforms which this legislation will bring can be made practically impossible by the people working within our health system, people who voted almost unanimously against this Bill. 

We are definitely in the majority in rejecting the backdoor privatisation of the NHS. David Cameron knows that as well as anyone, that’s why he won’t publish the risk register that would show just how harmful these reforms will be. They want us to feel beaten, they want us to feel isolated. In truth we are neither. If we work together now more than ever, if we refuse to swallow the lie that we are powerless, then we really can make this Cameron’s Poll Tax. 

Look out for…

- A very exciting festival announcement coming very soon!!!

- I’ll be joining Leon Rosselson for 4 dates on his Anti-Capitalist Roadshow, sharing a bill with some of the most celebrated political folk singers this country has ever seen… more info soon on the gigs page

- I spoke to Radio 4 for a documentary programme on the new wave of political music sweeping the country. It will air on April 12th at 11.30am

That’s all for now… thanks for your support :D

GP x