Howdy folky folks!

Well, I turned my back and Summer had turned into Autumn. The leaves are turning brown, the sky is heavy with rain and George Osborne continues to drag us towards an apocalypse of economic injustice and ever-deeper welfare cuts. The good news: Nick Clegg has absloutely, positively, no-fingers-crossed PROMISED he won’t let that happen. (You can practically hear them scripting the sad-eyed apology now.)

It feels positive, then, to be on the eve of a massive streets-of-London demonstration. If you’re planning to march on October 20th, then make sure you hang around for the after-demo party at King’s College Students’ Union where I’ll be playing with Captain Ska and an awesome line-up. If you’re not planning to march on October 20th, then I think you should change your plans. I know, I know, I know: I know we’re all tired and beaten down and the bastards are taking everything away and there’s no indication that Labour have got any better ideas. But I do firmly believe that this period, the two and a half years in, the NHS reforms through, the cuts hitting hard, Jeremy fucking Hunt as the Health Secretary, this is part of a grand design of divide and conquer, and they utterly rely on our exhaustion. It is vital to show them their complacency is misjudged.

Since last I blogged I have been all over the place, including to Greenbelt, to the Southbank Centre and to Crete (only two of those on business but I’ll let you guess which to sustain an air of mystery), and now I’m at the beginning of nearly three months’ solidly touring with that charming Josie Long. For tickets and to see where we’re rocking up near you, go to the Gigs page here.

A massive, massive thank you to the wonderful Billy Bragg for having me on his brilliant Woody 100 show in London last month. The audience were lovely and both Billy and Joe Henry were a delight to watch. Here I am gatecrashing the encore for a rendition of This Land is Your Land that, I like to think, would have made the man himself proud.

Finally, my tour with Josie will be peppered with a few Anti-Capitalist Roadshow gigs featuring some wonderful combinations of Leon Rosselson, Peggy Seeger, Janet Russell, Jim Woodland, Reem Kelani, Robb Johnson, Ian Saville, Roy Bailey, Sandra Kerr and Frankie Armstrong and me. For information check my gigs page or The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow website here.

That’s all for now - keep warm and stay strong, and I’ll see you on October 20th.

GP x