Living the dream

Hey guys - I thought I’d grab a spare few minutes in between touring and Glasto to say hello. I’m just back from a week supporting Emmy the Great’s mini-tour of churches which took me to Manchester, Sheffield and London. It was absolutely amazing and a week that I will never forget. I’d like to just take this chance to say that all those who came to the shows were very kind, and a massive thank you to those who said kind words and bought CDs. Not forgetting of course a HUGE thanks to the awesomely talented Emmy the Great, whose phenomenal new album Virtue is seeing me through a horrendous cold.Β 

While in London with the tour, I was also lucky enough to meet the lovely Tom Robinson and all his crew at Fresh on the Net on BBC 6Music. Here I am with him in the studio:

To hear my interview with Tom about Glasto, touring with EtG and the highs and lows of writing political music, click here. I’ve felt like the last couple of weeks I’ve been truly living the dream, gigging almost every night - in a time so full of highlights its hard to nail down one, but waiting for the lift at BBC 6Music and seeing Huey from the Fun Lovin Criminals step casually out was definitely unforgettable!

Another thoroughly enjoyable experience was the Off the Tracks festival at Castle Donnington at the end of May. To all those who came to see me in the barn and were a truly amazing audience I would like to say thank you; and also to all those involved in making Off the Tracks such a brilliant atmosphere. I hope my relationship with this fun, folky and completely unique festival is not over.

Finally, I am unspeakably excited to say that this time next week I will be at Glastonbury!!! Wooohoo!! For stage times you can check the official website, but I am pleased to announce that I will be doing 3 sets this year: one on the Tripod Stage, one in the Cockmill real ale bar in the Acoustic Field, and, of course, my main performance on Sunday at 6pm in the wonderful Leftfield.

For more information or to see where I’m at and what I’m up to at Glastonbury please do follow me on Twitter. My tweets are wonderfully mundane, and I haven’t fully come to terms yet with limiting my characters.Β 

Thanks again to everyone who has made the past few weeks so amazing - and watch out Glasto! ;)

GP x