HAPPY NEW YEAR II: I hate you, Tumblr

So, it seems Tumblr reeeeeally doesn’t want to hear the end of this story, but I KNOW YOU GUYS ALL DO, AM I RIGHT?

Ahem. So anyway.

While waiting to go on stage at Hammersmith Apollo it occurred to me that I have come a long way in 12 months, and the list of people who have helped me along the road is too long to begin here. As a tiny particle that is trying to get noticed in the vast galaxy that is the music industry I am constantly grateful for the belief and kindness of a few good and talented people who continue to go out of their way to give me, well, not so much leg-ups as catapults skywards. To that end I would like to say here that if you saw me in 2012 it was probably because of one or more of these people: Robin Ince, Josie Long, Chris Shepherd & Rod Main, who between them put me onto more stages and even TV screens than I would have thought imaginable this time last year.

Looking forward…

I’m thrilled to say I already have requests for gigs and festivals coming in thick and fast for this year, if you are awaiting a response from me about a gig please don’t lose heart, I’m still wading through the sea of emails that amassed while I was on tour. If you’d like to book me please get in touch at grace@gracepetrie.com.

In January I will be coming to Wakefield and Cardiff, please check the Gigs page where details will be available very soon… and I am pleased to say that after a long dry spell I am finally working on a new EP which I hope to release in the spring.

Those looking to hear new material (as well as some old favourites) should come along to my headline gig at Leicester’s Musician on January 20th. Cheap tickets can be got here.

For now, that’s all. But it is my new year’s resolution to blog more (Tumblr’s clearly in on the act) so I certainly won’t be a stranger. Look forward to catching some of you in 2013 and as always, thanks for your continued support. In the mean time, peace and love and Tory-fighting vibes to all.

Cheers GP x