Happy New Year! ....And a 2011 tour

Festive greetings and a very happy new year to all!



This is my first attempt at what I believe the kids call blogging, and it seemed befitting to celebrate a very enjoyable 2010 and welcome in what looks to be an exciting 2011.

Some highlights of last year I noted last night while drinking far too much include… playing Glastonbury… sitting around a campfire with Billy Bragg and singing ‘A New England’ together… being called ‘The voice of the new movement’ by one extremely complimentary blogger (here)… and - who could forget - being called a ‘smelly lezzer’ and ‘a lefty dyke’ by the EDL. And I thought I was hiding it all so well.

Hope everyone out there had fantastic Christmases and New Years - I spent the countdown happily watching fireworks at Hogmanay and looking forward to the year ahead.

Plans now afoot: a tour! As nothing is planned yet I am entirely open to suggestions of where to go - if you’d like me to play somewhere near you, drop me an email, facebook or tweet. The UK is my oyster, and the only limitation upon me is how far my 21-year-old VW Golf can go.

5 miles radius then.

Happy 2011 and thanks for a great 2010! :D

Love Grace xxx