Grace on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow!

Hey y’all,

Just a quick one to let you know that I’m on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow talking about politics and music (do I ever shut up about that, right?!) with John Harris. The show is called Who’s Angry Now (me, apparently) and will feature contributions from Billy Bragg, Sam Duckworth and Itch from the King Blues. It will be broadcast at 11:30am so do listen in if you can catch it. 

See this link for more information… here.

For all of you asking about gigs in Sheffield, please come to The Greystones on July 7th to see me co-headlining the Young Folk evening with Joe Banfi. Information about this over at the gigs page, and also click here to buy tickets. 

In other news… thank you all for your incredible response to my email asking where I should come and play. I heard you all and am busy making plans to make all of these shows happen.

And I’ve been busy over Easter filming videos for Rise and Orbit ….stay tuned to find out when they’ll be hitting Youtube.


Grace x