Hello friends! It seems that I am allowed to give you a few more festival announcements for this summer, hooray!


I'm delighted to be doing BLISSFIELDS for the first time, at the invitation of lovely pal and top comrade Beans on Toast. If you're coming I'll be on Larch stage at 7m as per this lovely poster below!



A couple of weeks back when I announced I'll be at GLASTONBURY (below) I mentioned I might get one or two other gigs over the weekend besides Leftfield at 3pm on Sunday. I can now tell you I will playing for the first time at the CABARET stage! Both as part of our special Glasto JC4PM show on saturday at midday, and also - excitingly - for a whole half hour set on Sunday night at 9.35pm. It's a chuffing massive stage and I'm already having almost-nightly anxiety dreams so if you'll be at Glastonbury please drop in! I'll be the nervous one.


I'm thrilled to be returning to lovely Latitude this year. I'll be in the Film and Music Arena on Sunday afternoon, and I'll be bringing lovable-vagabonds Jess and Caitlin (aka The Benefits Culture) with me too. Here I am on the lineup rocking some 2011 hair.

There's plenty more gigs coming up over at the Gigs page and more to be announced next week so keep your eyes peeled :)


My band and I are playing a special misummer's concert at Leicester's beautiful Guildhall next Friday, 17th. This will be a very special show, because in place of a support act I'll be playing as part of a duo with BBC Folk Award nominee, Coven comrade, Lady Maisery star and incredible all round folk musician, Hannah James. It's a world premiere (and depending on its success it might be a one-night-only phenomenon...) so please do snap up tickets by calling the box office on 0116 2532569.

I think that's all for now. Merry summer to you all.

GP x