Here Comes The Sun

Hi pals!

Look at the time! It's nearly the end of May! The sun is out, BBQs are burning, our eyes are melting and souls slowly dissolving in the EU referendum propaganda. What a time to be alive. I have much to say and as usual, little time to say it so I will be concise:

FESTIVAL NEWS! This time next month will be GLASTONBURY! If you're heading to the big muddy paty down in Somerset where dreams are made, time is lost and we all come away feeling like we really changed the world, man, then please do drop in to see me play once more at my spiritual home, the LEFTFIELD STAGE on Sunday at 3pm. I might even have one or two more gigs around the place over the weekend that I can't say owt about right now so keep your eyes peeled.

IMPORTANT NEWS for Leicester fans...I would like to explain why we have cancelled our planned headline gig at the Musician which was to take place tomorrow, on May 28th. I'd like to say I have always enjoyed a very fond relationship with this legendary venue, which has given me a lot of support over the years. Recently, though, a complaint was made of a sexual assault taking place during a gig there. Whilst it is not immediately clear how much the venue were aware of the full facts at the time, a note was posted by them on social media denying anything had gone on which used some language and expressed some views that I feel don't really conincide with my politics or my identity. Women's and girls' safety at gigs is something that sadly is not an infrequent concern. All of us in the band care very deeply about it and after discussing it at length it was obvious to all of us that playing this show at this venue at this time would be a big compromise of what we believe, and of what we claim to stand for on stage. I would hate for any single person to feel that we were not taking things like this seriously, or worse, cared more about money than standing up, as women and as feminists, for an issue this important. The message has since been taken down, which I hope is a sign that the venue can begin to examine their response to this and learn important lessons from it. If you bought a ticket I believe you will have been contacted regarding refunds.  

THE GUILDHALL Leicester will therefore be hosting us instead on JUNE 17th. This is a much smaller venue so advance booking is recommended. You can get tickets by calling them on 0116 2532569 but not online. I will also be debuting a new project at that show, in the "support" slot section of the night before the Benefits Culture and I perform the headline set. Doors will open at 8pm and I would encourage you not to miss the opener! :)

In June I will also be coming to BIRMINGHAM, NEWCASTLE, CROYDON and more besides. You can find out more at the GIGS bit.

That's all for now! Peace and love, and wishing you ice creams a plenty

GP x