Well, some people might have called it hasty. Some might have called it disorganised. Some might have hollered "there isn't physically enough time to do this in the time you've announced". I was all of those people, usually shouting those things into the mirror - and YET! Lo and behold! We acually have recorded, produced and now released an actual album, a mere four weeks after I took to this website to threaten the Tory-voting world with a record of pure unbridled revenge. I am therefore thrilled to announce that...

WHATEVER'S LEFT, my fourth studio album is RELEASED TODAY! Go get it HERE!

If you pre-ordered - THANK YOU! - you should have got an email with the download of the album to you this morning. CDs arrived a touch later than we anticipated so will be shipped today and Monday. We're trying to do as much as possible today before the launch party tonight so please bear with me, but do get in touch if you haven't received a CD by Wednesday latest. But only if you've bought one. I'm not just giving them away.

For you cool cats coming to see us perform it in London tonight at the Good Ship, Kilburn, you can pick up your pre-ordered copies (plus some other super cool merch) when you come along then.

For you cool midlands cats, we still have a few tickets for our Leicester launch on Saturday 13th June, which you can find on the gigs page.


Those of you who don't follow my useless rantings on Twitter might be unaware still that I am playing GLASTONBURY again this year! Hooray! Catch me at 3pm on the Round up in the Leftfield with everyone's favourite Billy Bragg.

After Glastonbury and a few of Robin Ince's final stand up shows before he takes a couple of years off, I am actually setting sail 'cross the Atlantic bound for CANADA to play the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. So that's the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me bar the creation of the TV gameshow Tipping Point. Then it's back for Sidmouth, Towersey and Greenbelt. All in all, a healthy summer schedule lies ahead. Hope to catch some of you at a show. 

Thank you to every single person who pre-ordered the new album. It's not an exaggeration to say it would not have been made without you. I'm almost ten years into this game and still as unsigned and independent as ever, and to have people like you lot following and supporting what I do quite literally keeps me in a job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

GP x