It's beginning to look a lot like GIGMAS

Christmas shows approach in London and Leicester to see out the best year of GP music yet

Hello my esteemed comrades, pals and well-wishers. That time of year is upon us once again! We're wrapping ourselves up in scarves, shuddering at the John Lewis advert, the ghost of Jacob Marley is preparing to visit himself upon David Cameron... it can only mean Christmas is around the corner. And what better way to get into the festive spirit than by getting tickets to one of our very special Christmas Festive End of Year Headliners?

Yes, it's back on the road for two last big hurrahs to wave off a spectacularly fun and successful year. 2015 saw our fourth album get released, gave us countless tremendously fun gigs and was even the year I made it 'cross the sea to play in North America. We laughed, we cried, lost an election; we left Labour, we came back to Labour, we worried enormously about the future of Labour since Labour seem hellbent on bringing about the downfall of Labour... but the point is we're still here, and we'll be back to fight the Tories even harder in 2016. Why not join us to celebrate solidarity, and socialism and swigging mulled wine in the time-honoured tradition of lefties the world over...?

LONDON -  Star of Kings, December 13th - TICKETS HERE

LEICESTER - Duffy's Irish Bar, December 20th - (ALL AGES) - TICKETS HERE

We are working hard on some festive songs to make these gigs really special so it would be wonderful to see some of you there. Ho ho ho!

T-SHIRTS to offend the faint of heart


It wouldn't be nearly Christmas without me making some sort of cheap shot about merch, so allow me to do so.

Periodically I get asked "do you have plans to get any more of those fucking t-shirts back in"? I'm choosing to believe not that people are just really mad at me, but rather that they're referring to my Inspector Morse (the song, not the character) themed t-shirts which are mos def NSFW but since you all seem to like them so much we've had some more done for Christmas. You can find this offensive fashion statement on THIS PAGE HERE and it will make a delightful stocking filler for the angry lesbian in your life.

If I don't see you at a Christmas show, may your December be filled with merriment and love and cheer. Thanks for sticking with me in 2015, I really couldn't do any of it without you. See you on the other side.

Love GP x