In the summertime, when the weather is fine

Hey pals!

I hope that you are all enjoying your summers and the long hot days. I have been using mine to do a lot of driving! In a car with no air conditioning, and whose stereo cuts out if you turn the volume up past 13. And I like the volume past 13, friends.

Last weekend it was time for both Latitude and Music on the Marr festivals. And lucky for me I had gigs at BOTH! I wasn't entirely clear on how much distance lies between Cumbria and Suffolk (SPOILER ALERT: a lot) but I felt confident to the point of silliness that I would be able to play in one at 7.30pm and the other at 11am the next day. We made it though, and had a phenomenally great gig at the gorgeous, friendly Proper Folk festival Music on the Marr (the patron of which is my friend and Anti-Capitalist Roadshow comrade, the wonderful Roy Bailey), warming up the crowd for the always-magnificent O'Hooley and Tidow. The people were lovely and welcoming and there was a hog roast!

It was then off the stage and straight back into the car for the six and a half hour drive to Suffolk, a few hours' sleep and then time to open up the Comedy Stage at Latitude. "WHAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!" I hear you caterwaul! Yes pals! Comedy stage! For reasons I still cannot discern people continue to laugh at me without that being my intended response, so when I get offered a gig on a bloody freakin' massive comedy stage, my response was to quite figuratively JUMP at the chance. I was not sorry, even though moments before I went on I was quite metaphorically a BAG of nerves, because the folks at Latitude were really kind and lovely and laughed in all the right places unless I had my flies undone the whole way through and that's what it was. If so, I still have no regrets! 

The festival season for me is not over; I'm off to Greenbelt (HOORAY!) and Towersey Folk festival (WOOHOO!) on August bank holiday so do please say hello  if you're catching me there.

Announced TODAY is a very special headline show at one of my favourite venues ever. Those of you who are long-time fans will know I had the immense honour and thorough joy of supporting Emmy the Great on tour in 2010. One of the places we went was the BEAUTIFUL St Pancras Old Church, where I will be playing and recording a live DVD (in case any of you would like to look at my ugly mug) on OCTOBER 3rd. Tickets are now available on the gigs page, although it is a very intimate venue so I would suggest early birds/worms/gig tickets.

TOMORROW! You Londoners come and celebrate ULU's last hurrah with ME! Tickets and info at the gigs page.

I hope your July has brought you cheer and merriment, and the very best of Augusts to you all too!

Peace out x