Glastonbury News!

Hello my folkful friends!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and have made the most of the brief delusion of excitement that all major football tournaments bring. It was fun there for a moment, wasn't it? The end of June approach-eth, and with it comes my favourite thing in the world: Glastonbury! Luckily for me I get to be a part of it AGAIN this year! Interestingly, the last time I played a World-Cup-year Glasto, my set was during the England game. So at least that clash won't happen this year, eh Roy? Every cloud, eh, Roy? In all seriousness, maybe we should think about taking down the flags, you guys.

So! If you are attending the party in Pilton this week, please do make a note in your festival weekend itineraries (what do you mean? Everyone has them)  that I will this year be doing a little set of ditties in the BREAD & ROSES bar, Sunday night at 7.45pm. I think there's some other band from Leicester (Kas-bah? Kasablanket? Caspian?) on one of the other stages around that time, but if you would prefer to snub the crowds and come and share a beer with me I would be delighted!

Please do spread the word to any chums you have that are going, as the Bread & Roses isn't listed in the little Guardian necklaces they give you (another reason to design your own itinerary), so you won't find my name in there. But if you're looking for me, I'll be there drinking and singing with partner-in-rhymes Caitlin who'll be popping along to accompany me on some instruments.

NOW! LEICESTER, my lovely Leicester. The band and I have been dreadfully neglecting you, which is no doubt why you scheduled that big Kaspanian gig in the park this weekend, so we are coming to my favourite venue The Musician on July 25th. Why yes! That is the day after I turn 27 years old, the age that many rock stars have checked out of this mortal plain at, so I'm not exactly saying time's running out - but it's probably worth getting tickets. While you can. Joining us on the night will be the incredible Jasmine Kennedy, who I had the pleasure of playing with at Greenbelt last year. Apparently tickets are already selling! So be quick off the mark by snapping them up here.

I'm off to pack my wellingtons and beer!

Peace out,

GP x