Spring Tours and Free Songs and Whiskers on Kittens

Dear friends!

Hello! Howdy-do! How does April find you all? It has been too long since I wrote, I know, but to make up for it I have many glad tidings and – just to make sure y’all still like me – a free gift! If you listened to my guest spot on the Now Show way back in January you may have enjoyed the song I wrote about homophobia (yes, I know, that old chestnut, change the record, well there’s still a lot of it about) incorporating the bad behaviour of Jeremy Clarkson and the bizarre views of now-ex-UKIP councillor David Silvester. It was called “I Do Not Have the Power to Cause a Flood.” You may, of course, have hated it. If you did, this gift won’t mean much to you. As of now you can DOWNLOAD the song at the music page HERE for whatever price you like, including £0.00. If you want to name a price then I won’t turn it down, being a struggling-artist type and all, but far more important than that is that I would ask you to please SHARE it as far and wide as you can so that as many people can have it as possible. The track was recorded live at the BBC Radio Theatre and then sent to me as a ready clipped mp3 by a lovely, lovely fan (thanks again Konrad!) so please do download and enjoy and share with your friends, loved ones, and local UKIP representatives.

Speaking of the Now Show! It seems that the left-wing bias (har de har) at the BBC remains in place because the gluttons for punishment seem to want me back AGAIN! Hurrah! I will be recording another slot in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled for more nervous, terrified, sicky-tummy scared updates about my doing that. And perhaps nearer the time one of you can remind me that on the day I should make sure my jeans are zipped, not try to exit the stage before I’ve sung and not try to leave my guitar in London. #profesh

Well spring has sprung, friends! Or, I think it’s sort of trying to. The clocks have gone forward, so at least we can enjoy the rain in as much light as possible. Coming up I have some bloody exciting things, starting with…

LONDON: I am coming for thou in three separate forms! No, not solid, liquid and gas!

On 16th April at 7.30pm I shall be performing again the play The Incredible One Man Pandemic with the equally incredible John-Luke Roberts. Everyone who saw the play at the Vaults in February was blown away by it and – even if I wasn’t performing the score for it – I would highly recommend you see it, a beautiful and funny and touching story delivered by a wonderfully engaging performer.  It will be on at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden, tickets here.

On 16th April at 9.00pm, after a quick in-between-shows beer, I will be doing something a bit different. The lovely folk at the Tristan Bates Theatre offered me a slot to do a talky-singy-jokey solo show thing and I’ve no idea how it’s going to go. I’m quite excited to try something a bit different, and after touring with comedians for bloody ages I thought I’d try making my ever-longer, eternally-ramlbing pre-song introductions into something a bit more concrete. The result is – or will be – a solo show called Grace Petrie: Failing That and I would love it if some of you wanted to come and give it a shot. And while I can’t promise it will be any good,              

Actually that’s all I’ve got on that. Shouldn’t really be a comma there, it’s a complete statement.

Finally I am DELIGHTED to be sharing a bill with some incredible political songwriters on April 25th at The Cricketers, Kingston-upon-Thames. I’m chuffed to be playing again with the awesome David Rovics, whose path I last crossed in Belfast last year, and you folks from the album launch in Shoreditch might remember the brilliant Tim OT too, as well as Stew Simpson and James Lamb. Truly a stellar line-up that you will not see on such a cheap ticket anywhere else so I suggest you book now at the tickets page here as this gig is fully expected to sell out.

You Benefits Culture fans will be pleased to hear we as a fully band are playing the prestigious CAMBRIDGE Folk Club on May 17; and also I’m dragging Caitlin back to BELFAST with me for May Day celebrations, so that’s two thirds of the band. Grace Petrie and the Benefits? Grace Petrie and the Culture?

Keep your eyes peeled for a tour consisting of my good self, MJ Hibbett and Gavin Osborne – which I think actually constitutes some sort of supergroup – coming to a town near YOU throughout May and June! Details of this also at the Gigs page.

MOST EXCITING OF ALL…. Is that this May bank holiday my favourite hometown LEICESTER opens its doors again for the critically-acclaimed independent extravaganza that is HANDMADE FESTIVAL. Organised by some of our bezzie mates (and this year, even a few bits put together by yours truly) it is sure to be even bigger and better than last year. Over the next couple of weeks I and the festival have got some awesome announcements about our gig there but for now, let it suffice to say that I’m really freakin’ excited about this one. It will be our first band show in Leicester since the beautiful evening we had at The Guildhall in December, which sold out quicker than earplugs at an EU debate so I would urge you to pick up your tickets HERE now to avoid disappointment. If you’d like to come to Handmade just to see us – oh, you! – then by all means grab a day ticket for the FRIDAY 2nd MAY when we will be appearing with some of our buddies.

That’s about all I can think of to say right now, so I will leave you with all of that exciting news and with the promise that each and every one of your support keeps me in business. Thank you, thank you, thank you once again, and hope to catch up with some of you soon.

All the love!

GP x