Handmade Festival Line-up Announcement

...and just to celebrate we've done a daft cover.

Hooray! We are only - can you believe it - three weeks away from our awesome home-grown Leicester extravaganza, HANDMADE FESTIVAL. If the fact that me and the Benefits Culture are playing a full band set wasn't enough for you to get tickets, well I'm extremely hurt, but if so, get your eyes and ears around this video announcing the incredible acts joining me for my curated stage on Friday 2nd May at Firebug. You can get day or weekend tickets from www.handmadefestival.co.uk but don't hang about as we are so close now you can practically taste it!

I am never, ever, ever, ever going to stop loving that song.

This week! Don't forget on Wednesday I'm at the Tristan Bates theatre in Covent Garden (get me!) telling you all my secrets and doing a bit of gabbing between songs. Unless you don't come. In which case I'll save my secrets. If you want to witness this shambolic endeavour buy a ticket here.

Peace out! xx