What news I bring from The Road! I mean the transportation highway and not the thoroughly depressing work by Cormac McCarthy that I have not read because I fear my levels of cynicism for the future operate higher than most at the best of times.

Anyway. Thank you if you have been to see me at one of my millions of gigs with that lovely Robin Ince. Our tour is very nearly at an end for this year but there will be more dates hopefully in the new year, and I might even pop up on his lovely Christmas shows at the Bloomsbury Theatre.


BUT! It's not over!!! If you still want to see me in 2014 then I have FANTASTIC NEWS of a new, unplugged solo tour that I am doing with the excellent Tim O-T who some of you might remember from the big album launch show at Cargo last November. We are coming for you! We are coming for you up in Durham, down in Falmouth, and across from Cardiff to Norwich!!! Plus other places too!! I heartily encourage you to check the GIGS page to see where we are coming! I have never ever ever done a tour where I wasn't supporting before, so I'm tremendously nervous. It would be SO lovely if some people were able to come. That would make me and Tim so so happy. If you come to these shows maybe we might do some more shows in the future?! There is even a poster, which you've already seen above, unless you're reading this from the bottom up.

THANK YOU for coming to see me and the band in Leeds! We had a lovely time and a big thanks to the awkwardly over talented "support" acts, Jasmine Kennedy and Demitaves who you should all check out and buy the music of. They are AWESOME.

With Chrismas around the corner, if you're wondering what to get for the socialist who has everything (aside from a working democratic system and a viable leftwing alternative which Ed Miliband seems unwilling to provide!) then please do consider pre-ordering our LIVE ALBUM or LIVE DVD - or maybe even both! They will be released on December 1st so - pending any industrial action from elves and/or reindeer, they will be here in plenty of time for Christmas. 

Wishing you all a pleasant end of November and a good selection of Christmas trees coming up!


GP x