Back Out on the Road in 2014

Happy New Year one and all!

I hope you are all fully recovered from the festivities and that the new year finds you all healthy, happy and safe, or as much of any of those things as you can be when Michael Gove continues to roam free.

I begin gigs again on Thursday with that Robin Ince and Josie Long as the Shambles tour continues into 2014, we will be hitting London repeatedly (well, twice) this week and then on to Whitstable, and then up to The North in a couple of weeks for York, Hull, Leeds and Lancaster. Find details for tickets on the gigs page.

Two exciting pieces of news:

Firstly, I am happy to announce that me and my long suffering band, The Benefits Culture, will be headlining a very special event for International Women's Day on March 7th. The night, held at Bethnal Green Working (wo)Men's Club is being curated and perfected by the same people who brought you our awesome and very special gig at Cargo, Shoreditch in November so you can expect the same atmosphere and energy to this event. For tickets and more info, check out the website here.

Secondly, BBC Radio 4's The Now Show is fool enough to have invited me back on so have your wirelesses tuned to hear me play not one, but two specially commissioned songs on January 24th. I am quite, quite terrified about it.

I have lots of exciting writing projects in the pipeline over the next few weeks... more will emerge about them very soon, but for now I shall leave you to get tickets for IWD Unplugged and bid you all a merry afternoon.


GP x