Permission to Launch

Howdy folks,

Well the album is well and truly out, and over two hundred copies have already landed on your doorsteps with orders still coming in thick and fast.  Thank you again for all your continued support and for the lovely, lovely comments about the record you've made. It really means the world to us. Here I am showing my happiness through the medium of my weird, huge hands:

thumbs up.jpg


This means of course that it’s under two weeks to the album launch at Cargo, Shoreditch! The tickets have flown so if you are intending to come I would encourage you heartily to pre-book. Tickets available here, and I really look forward to seeing you for what looks to be a really special event. The band have been rehearsing non-stop and I’m really excited, if slightly terrified, to be playing my first London headline. Hope to see, and sing, and dance with some of you there.


For those of you closer to home, I am thrilled to announce that on Saturday 7th December, we are having a launch party right here in mighty mighty Leicester, at none other than King Richard III’s fave hangout, the Guildhall. I’m really really looking forward to celebrating an album I’m really proud of and a cracking, successful year with friends, family and local listeners so I really hope some of you can make it. The Guildhall will be in festive spirits and so will we - there might even be a Christmas song involved, so long as it's an ideologically sound one. The Winter-nationale, something like that.

PLEASE NOTE TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED, as it will be a far more intimate affair than the London gig. This event is suitable for all ages however, so if you missed out on Cargo by being a bit too short in the tooth, hopefully you can make it along to celebrate with us in Leicester.

If you’re coming to any of Robin Ince’s Nine Lessons and Carols For Godless People (the last ones ever!) then I’ll be there getting into the festive spirit every night! You literally can’t miss me, even if you’re really trying. The best you could do is close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears when I’m on.

I’ll also be in Sheffield at my old favourite haunt the Greystones on December 6th supporting the legendary Dick Gaughan, and in Lincoln on the 8th with my Utterly Shambolic tour buddies Robin Ince and Josie Long for our last Shambles of 2013. But if you didn’t catch us this year, fear not! Like a recession that George Osborne promises to prevent, we will definitely be back! More dates announced for next year very soon.

Lastly my thanks to everyone who came out to Firebug, Leicester on Sunday to watch the launch of this very special narrative video written and directed by Lucy Peel, which is set to my Richard Feynman inspired song, A Hell of a Good Time. You can view it at your leisure on the You Tube here. Further thank yous to the Cambridge folk club, which I gatecrashed on Wednesday with my Anti-Capitalist Roadshow comrades, and to the phenomenal Eliza Carthy and Tim Eriksen who I supported in Hailsham last week. Both were truly lovely shows with amazing audiences. 

All the love and thanks once again, and hope to catch you somewhere before Christmas!

GP x