Love Is My Rebellion RELEASE DAY!

Happy November me hearties!  

After what feels like a verrrrrry long time, I can announce as of now that my new album Love Is My Rebellion is happily, finally out! We have that in common. (Ba dum pshh.)

For all of you pre-orderers, I certainly hope that you received your CD today if not before, and let me say again how grateful I am for all of your support. Without the 184 people who care enough to read this website and to order straight away, I literally wouldn't have the CDs today.  

For all you new kids on the block who want to DownLoad the music to play on your Walkmens and your ePods then you can now do so to your heart's content over on the Music page. And for you guys who really aren't that sure about me yet, why not try before you buy? It's all up for streaming now too. 

With all of the love and affection for y'all,

Grace x