***Album release news: Love Is My Rebellion***

NEWS: Pre-Order ‘Love Is My Rebellion’ Oct 4th 2013

Good evening pals! And what glad tidings I bring!

So it’s finally here. After months and months of tweaking and rehearsing the new songs with my awesome band, The Benefits Culture, months of recording and days of mixing (and who could forget a good half a dozen release date false alarms), I am finally ready to release my third record upon the world. Are you ready, world?? You look ready.

Love Is My Rebellion will be my third full-length, professionally done-and-stuff album. As well as the two songs released earlier this year on the single You Were Always Gonna Break My Heart, Honey, the record will also feature the song I played on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show in March. Plus a bunch of other songs which you may or may not have caught at various festivals this summer. I’m really excited about this record for a number of reasons, not least because it’s the first thing I’ve ever done with a proper band, with a whole “kit” of drums (or whatever they call it) and everything. As well as that wacky technology there’s a host of other instruments on the record, from lap steel guitar (dangerous!) to violin (recorded definitely by me and in no way by my violin teacher upon my discovery that VIOLIN IS REALLY HARD YOU GUYS), and even including banjo (say whaaaat?!) and an accordion (oh no she DIDN’T!).

Love Is My Rebellion will be released on November 1st from this website. I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting this release, and I’m sorry it’s taken this long; the truth is I’m really proud of this album, and it’s taken me all year to be happy with it. I hope you guys are too.

Pre-order signed copies on Friday 4th October

For those of you that want to be first off the mark, the album will be available to pre-order from here on Friday morning at 10am. The first 100 copies sold will all arrive, signed and hand-numbered by yours truly, on the release date of November 1st, so you will be the first to have it! Imagine the faces of her-next-door, or him-from-your-weekly-Marxist-reading-group when you roll in with the new Grace Petrie album the day it goes on sale. “Oh, this old thing?” you’ll say. “Yeah, I pre-ordered it way back!” And how sour they will be. This paragraph was written with the intention of peer pressuring you into to taking the pre-order option, but I don’t want you running away with the idea that I need you to pre-order it so that I can get the CDs pressed because I don’t have a record label! Because I don't! It’s simply that I want you all to live a life of the highest degree of organisation allowing for maximum enjoyment.

Plus… If you’re really into the album, why not join our London launch party at Cargo in Shoreditch on November 25th, where we’ll be playing all the songs on the record and lots more, plus getting jolly drunk, and maybe not in that specific order. Tickets are walking, so don't delay!

Yours excitedly,

GP x